Beth is a visual artist currently living in Brisbane, Australia with her husband John, and cheeky sausage dog, George.

Her recent work explores themes associated with the sea, creating through the sentimental lens of her own memories and experiences.

Beth’s practice revolves around the simple act of drawing. Using the humble pencil, she forms detailed seascapes, obsessing over the never-ending challenge of recreating natural wave forms.

To enquire about Beth’s work, collaborations or commissions, please say hello at info@bethmoffat.com or follow along through social media.

“Growing up by the sea I experienced both fear of deep water yet also admired the beauty of its creation. There is healing power in salty ocean air. I will forever be fascinated by how the sea can be so terrifying and tumultuous, yet calm at the same time.”

Artist - Beth Moffat
Beth Moffat working on her artwork 'Stay a while'

“Beth’s art speaks of noticing detail, slowing down and embracing the therapeutic nature of pencil to paper. The notion of ‘slow’ is carried throughout her work with the emotive use of colour. A stunning contrast of soft pencil lines, creating fierce landscapes of the ocean. Her work is both powerfully strong and intricate. Beth Moffat’s art is an observation and appreciation of beauty found in the natural world.” – CA

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